Comercial equipment / Compressor-condensing units

Kyoto (out of production)


Kyoto series compressor-condensing units (CCU) - is a high-quality, reliable and energy-efficient Japanese equipment that combines wide product range with affordable price. Kitano CCU’s use air cooled finned condenser in tandem with aerodynamically shaped axial fans. Also they are supplied with high-efficient scroll compressors of leading brands like Sanyo and Hitachi. The Kyoto series were specially designed for working with environmentally friendly refrigerant R410A. Each unit undergoes a strict individual test at the factory to check correct operation and exclude refrigerant leakage.

The product range includes 5 models of compressor-condensing units developed with one circuit offering cooling capacity from 7.1 to 45 kW. First three models (7, 10, 16 kW) feature a horizontal air flow, while 28 and 45 kW models feature vertical exhaust of cooling air.

The compact casing is made of galvanized steel sheets with polyester powder coating to provide a durable weather protection in appliance with IP24 as to allow outdoor installation of the CCU on a wall or roof. The operating limits are from +18˚C to +43˚C of outdoor air temperature. Optionally any unit can be supplied with compressor crankcase heater that prevents the change of refrigerant state to avoid the possible fluid hammer effect.

The Kyoto CCU’s are compatible with any evaporating sections of corresponding capacity. The great flexibility during the installation is provided by good values of available piping length and height drop between the evaporating section of central air conditioner and outdoor condensing unit. This values for selected units can reach up to 50 m for piping length and up to 20 m for height drop.

The stable and safe operation of Kyoto compressor-condensing units is ensured by multi-stage protection system and the regulation can be realized through the central air conditioner controller.

Kitano CCU’s can be provided with a set of accessories: thermostatic expansion valve, filter-drier, sight glass and solenoid valve.

Standard protections:

  • Phase failure alarm
  • Phase sequence monitor
  • Low pressure switch
  • High pressure switch
  • Over current alarm
  • Condenser high temperature sensor

Connection kit (optional):

  • Filter-drier
  • Expansion valve
  • Solenoid valve
  • Sight glass