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Kitano Company is primarily oriented to the international market. To meet the needs of the domestic market the Company has a small manufacturing facility in Osaka. The exported branded Kitano equipment is assembled in the factories of the leading manufacturers in the Southeast Asia, where the Japanese influence is traditionally strong. The selected production facilities are equipped with modern equipment and enter the top-five facilities of the industry. For manufacturing of Kitano climate control equipment only high-quality components are used, and all the refrigerating appliances production methods are followed. All the equipment is subject to the strict operational and outgoing control, which ensures reliable operation of the conditioners.

The assortment of the manufactured equipment includes domestic air conditioners, semi-industrial air conditioners, multi-zone systems, special purpose conditioners and series of professional equipment. Kitano equipment is characterised by combination of advanced technologies of the climate industry, classic design and moderate prices. We offer modern conditioning systems with high specifications, high levels of energy efficiency, ecologically safe, with long service life and 3-year warranty period.