Toya – a new inverter series from KITANO

The new 2017 year will be marked by arrival of KITANO TOYA inverter split systems to the Russian market. New series will replace the already recognized by users second-generation ARARE inverter systems.

KITANO Corp. constantly works to improve quality of its air conditioners, so the new series is in no way inferior to the old one, and it even surpasses it for a number of technical parameters. For example, new outdoor units are less in weight and dimensions while cooling capacity of TOYA is not less than it was in ARARE. High energy efficiency was preserved: room temperature will be comfortable and there will be very little energy spent at the same time.

In addition, KITANO R&D engineers managed to achieve a significant reduction in the sound pressure level of indoor units. Now a noise of an air conditioner won’t distract you from business - you will not even notice it!

The indoor unit design was updated too: TOYA is designed in laconic Japanese style and is made in classic white which fits any modern interior perfectly.

And of course you will be pleasantly surprised by the price of new inverter series, because the essence of KITANO philosophy is quality that everyone can afford. Compared with the previous series, TOYA is even cheaper, that means that in the New 2017 Year even more Japanese air conditioners KITANO will be installed at the homes of Russia residents.


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