Optional filters of split-systems KITANO

KITANO air conditioners can be effective for heating and cooling, as well as purify indoor air. You can choose the optional filter for cleaning in the kit for the air conditioner.

KITANO offers three types of filters for split systems: Fhotocatalytic, Carbon and Silver Ion filters. Each of them has its own cleaning features. The filter is selected based on the conditions of the room where it will be installed.

Powerful natural oxidizing agents are formed in the Photocatalytic filter, which purify the air from the smallest particles, dangerous contaminants, as well as viruses and bacteria. The resulting oxidizing agents damage the outer shell of microorganisms and destroy them. The Photocatalytic filter is great for killing viruses, molds and bacteria, as well as eliminating unpleasant odors.

The Carbon filter for KITANO split systems removes unpleasant odors, including the smell of tobacco smoke. It absorbs the smallest particles into pores on the surface of carbon fibers.

A Silver Ion filter sterilizes the room and destroys up to 99% of bacteria and viruses. Upon contact with the filter, some microorganisms instantly die, the other part settles on the filter for a longer disinfection. Also, a silver ion filter suppresses the growth of mold in the room and eliminates the causes of unpleasant odors.

Up to two filters can be simultaneously installed in KITANO split systems. The user can change the number and type of optional items independently. The simultaneous operation of filters allows you to increase the efficiency of air purification in the room several times.

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