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Split-system Asagiri II Plus (out of production)

Split-system Asagiri II Plus

KITANO Asagiri II Plus Effective is perfect for those who want to spend money wisely, who expects to get a quick and high quality result from their investment. Asagiri II Plus is an instant response to the owner's instructions, rapid achievement of the set room temperature, efficient air purification system and economical energy consumption.

Japanese climate equipment is known by its high technological and energy efficiency. KITANO Asagiri II Plus is no exception. Therefore, this series shows high performance and low power consumption. Consequently, values of EER (the ratio of cooling capacity to power consumption) and COP (the ratio of heating capacity to power consumption), indicating effective operation of air conditioners, are very high.

Classic design of the indoor unit, high-quality plastic and reliable components, ozone-friendly refrigerant R410A, many useful functions and modes and attractive price make Asagiri II Plus a worthy competitor in the air conditioning field.

Sound pressure of both indoor and outdoor units of Asagiri II Plus is optimal, which ensures a minimum noise level. In this case, air conditioners have high air capacity of the indoor unit fan - accordingly, air in the room quickly reaches the set temperature and is evenly cooled (or heated) throughout the room.

As an option, photocatalytic, carbon, catechine filters, a filter with silver ions, as well as a multifunctional filter are offered.

KITANO Asagiri II Plus Effective - the choice of those who spend money wisely!