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Split-system Arare II (out of production)

Split-system Arare II

Quick air conditioners KITANO Arare II are designed for those who live by the principle of "here and now". If you live in an intense rhythm and know the price of time, Arare II is your air conditioner. Modern technologies, high quality components and DC-inverter compressor ensure instantaneous achievement of the set temperature in the room. Arare II are equipped with an air ionizer and a pre-filter. Optionally a wide range of air purification filters is available for KITANO customers. The accuracy of maintaining the set room temperature is ± 0.2 ° C. Arare II models use ozone-friendly refrigerant R410A. Arare II series conditioners have a modern streamlined compact design. Data on operating modes, room temperature and time is set on a snow-white durable plastic of the front panel. Like all KITANO equipment, Arare II split systems are known by their high quality but sold at a reasonable price. Quick air conditioners KITANO Arare II - here and now!