Room air conditioners / Split-systems

Akira (out of production)

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Akira split series – it’s modern indoor unit design, high quality bright white plastic, compact dimensions (180 mm depth). Both indoor and outdoor units have low noise level (24/39 decibel (А)) and are designed for making comfort conditions in leaving and office rooms. Automatic choose of temperature rate, 3-speed fan, manual and automatic air direction adjustment, as well as wide choice of air filters.


  • Cooling rate
  • Heating rate
  • Ventilation rate
  • Dehumidifying rate
  • ‘turbo” rate
  • Night rate
  • Automatic work
  • Adjustable air direction
  • Louvers swinging rate with fixation ability
  • Volumetric air source
  • Smooth start
  • Self diagnostics
  • Automatic defrost of outdoor unit
  • “Warm start”
  • Primary purification filter
  • Filters with silver ions (option)
  • Photo-catalytic filter (option)
  • Removable front panel
  • Informative display in indoor unit
  • Room temperature indicator
  • 24-hour timer ON/OFF
  • IR-controller with display
  • Low energy consumption — from 685 W
  • Low noise level — from 24 dB(А)