Light comercial AC / Floor ceiling

Nikko II+

Nikko II+


Equal and gentle air supply design and advanced air flow controlling design make the room temperature equal and balanced, so that people feel more comfortable.

Highly flexible installation. The floor-ceiling type can be easily installed into a corner of the ceiling even if ceiling is very narrow. The condensing water can be drained from either right or left.

Easy maintenance. 

Stable cooling under -10°C outdoor environment temperature.

Adopted with energy saving function the air conditioner will self-adjust setting temperature according to the operation status, thus to lower the cost of electricity.


  • Adjustable air direction
  • Auto swing
  • Heating mode
  • Fan mode
  • Auto mode
  • Dehumidifying mode
  • Primary purification filter
  • Fresh air
  • Autorestart
  • Self diagnostic
  • Intelligent Defrosting
  • Anfi-cold blowing function
  • Informative display of indoor unit
  • Room temperature indicator
  • LED
  • 24-hour timer
  • Remote controller
  • Energy Saving