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Wako II

Wako II


Organizing an air-conditioning system, the owners of buildings and facilities strive to provide a high level of comfort. Considering the needs of customers, the Kitano Company has developed Wako II wall-mounted fan coil units which provide unrivalled level of comfort in accordance with the requirements of modern facilities. The units are designed to be used in air conditioning systems with chilled water and require wall-mounted installation in the working area of air conditioned room. The fan coil units feature elegant design and low noise level, so that they can be installed in living rooms, easily fitting into the interior causing no discomfort during the operation. At the same time, wall-mounted fan coil units provide complex air treatment (cooling, heating, filtration, drying, and air distribution) in small and medium-sized rooms.

Casing: Made of high quality silver-white composite plastic that not only looks beautiful, but is also fire resistant. The design is so elegant, that the fan coil looks like interior decoration.

Heat exchanger: Using the latest technology, Kitano engineers have developed a more efficient design of the fins profile in conjunction with traditional reliability of seamless copper tubing.  Thus, the heat transfer area increased, which increases the efficiency of the fan coil.

Fan section: High efficiency low noise tangential fan is used to reduce the power consumption and provide ultra quite operation.

Filter: In standard configuration, all models are equipped with washable filters. The filtering elements are located on the front panel of the device, so that the filter can be easily removed for cleaning or replacement.

Air distribution: Adjustable remote controlled louvers allow choosing any desired direction of air flow.

3 way valve: A distinctive feature of Wako II wall-mounted fancoils is a built-in motorized valve, which not only facilitates the installation greatly, but provides decorative benefits - all water flow regulation elements are hidden inside the casing and do not destruct the room interior.

Microprocessor control: In the standard configuration FCU is equipped with an electronic control board and network card to provide the following advantages:

  • The ability to switch operation modes: Cooling/Heating/Dehumidification/Fan/Auto;
  • Ability to use functions: Sleep mode/Automatic fan /Auto restart;
  • The ability to set a timer to auto-start or auto-stop the fan coil during the day;
  • 3 way valve regulation;
  • Regulation through IR remote control (standard);
  • Regulation through a wired wall-mounted control (option);
  • Group regulation (up to 64 units) through a centralized wall-mounted control (option);
  • Ability to communicate with any supervisory system (BMS) through ModBus, LonWorks or BACnet interfaces*.

Standard configuration:

  • Electronic control board;
  • Fitted network card;
  • Information LED display;
  • Three-speed low-noise fan;
  • Fitted drain pan;
  • Replaceable filter;
  • IR remote control;
  • 3 way valve fitted inside the casing.


  • Wall-mounted wired control KP-KJR-12B;
  • Centralized wall-mounted control KP-CCM03.

* additional kit should be ordered