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Ume II 4-flow

Ume II 4-flow


Ume II series of Kitano cassette fan coil units are ideal for rooms with “Armstrong” or other types of suspended ceilings. Cassette fan coil units with 4-flow air distribution are designed to be used in air conditioning systems with chilled water and provide heating, cooling, filtration and the effective air distribution. They are recommended in public places, for example, in shops, offices, conference rooms, hospitals, schools and restaurants.  Air enters the unit through the grille, located in the central part, and the cooled air is distributed in four areas through air distribution louvers. The new range of Ume II cassette fan coils features additional air outlets at the corners of the air distributing diffuser providing 360? air flow. This solution ensures a uniform air distribution and maximizes comfort level if cassette unit is installed in the center of the air-conditioned area. In addition, the new front panel has an attractive appearance and elegantly fits into any interior.

Casing All fan coil units are designed for installation in a false ceiling, and compact models can be fitted in standard tile (600x600 mm) which facilitates the installation greatly. The casing is made of galvanized sheet steel, which prevents corrosion. It also features polyethylene heat and sound insulation.

Air distributing diffuser Air intake grille, the front panel and the adjustable louvers are made of high quality white plastic.  Therefore the diffuser does not only effectively control the air flow, but also serves as an interior decoration.

Fan Axial fan with a very low noise level and maintenance-free ball bearings. Impeller and fan motor are dynamically and statistically balanced in two dimensions.

Heat exchanger Made of seamless copper tubes with aluminum fins that have an innovative profile developed by Kitano engineers.

Condensate drain pan The tray is made of high density polystyrene and has a special form for the optimization of air diffusion.

Air Filter Easily removable filter made of a washable synthetic material.

Condensate drain pump Fitted centrifugal pump with a float valve with high pressure (up to 750 mm) is included in standard configuration.

Microprocessor control:

  • In the standard configuration FCU is equipped with an electronic control board to provide the following advantages:
  • The ability to switch operation modes: Cooling/Heating/Dehumidification/Fan/Auto;
  • Ability to use functions: Sleep mode/Automatic fan /Auto restart;
  • The ability to set a timer to auto-start or auto-stop the fan coil during the day;
  • 3 way valve regulation;
  • Regulation through IR remote control (standard);
  • Regulation through a wired wall-mounted control (option);
  • Group regulation (up to 64 units) through a centralized wall-mounted control (option)*;
  • Ability to communicate with any supervisory system (BMS) through ModBus, LonWorks or BACnet interfaces**.

Standard configuration:

  • Electronic control board;
  • 360? air flow panel;
  • Three-speed low-noise fan;
  • Fresh air intake;
  • Drainage pump with up to 500 mm (compact models) or 750 mm (standard models) high drop;
  • Fitted drain pan;
  • Replaceable filter;
  • IR remote control.


  • 3 way valve with actuator;
  • Wall-mounted wired control KP-KJR-12B;
  • Fitted network card NIM01/E;
  • Centralized wall-mounted control KP-CCM03
  • Additional drain pan (external).

* For group control or supervision each FCU should be equipped with optional network card NIM01/E.
** Additional kit should be ordered.