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Ume II single-flow

Ume II single-flow


The KITANO Ume II fan coil series with single-flow air supply is specially designed for installation near walls and corners. At the same time the scheme of distribution of an air flow excludes mixing of the stitched and cooled air stream.

The most noticeable feature of the updated series of single-threaded Ume II fan coils is their design. The decorative panel is made of high quality materials and has an elegant attractive appearance. These fan coils are the ideal decision for use in rooms with suspended ceilings.

Single-flow fan coil units are designed to work in chilled water conditioning systems and provide cooling or heating of air, filtration, efficient air distribution. It is recommended to use in public spaces like shops, offices, conference rooms, hospitals, schools and restaurants.

Standard Package.

All fan coil units are specially designed for installation in a suspended ceiling. The body is made of high strength plastic. This ensures the lightness and compactness of the structure. Тhe total height is only 153 mm.

Front panel
The front panel with a unique single-flow air distribution provides installation flexibility and efficient heating or cooling of air in rooms with a complex geometry.

Fan coils
The low noise centrifugal fan has maintenance-free ball bearings. The impeller and fan motor are dynamically and statically balanced in two planes.

Heat exchanger
The heat exchanger is distinguished by an aerodynamic profile. It is made of seamless copper pipes with aluminium fins.

Air filter
Ume II has an easily removable washable plastic filter.

Condensate pump
The kit includes a centrifugal pump built into the unit with a high-pressure float valve with a high pressure up to 750 mm.

Microprocessor regulation:
As standard, the cassette fan coil units are equipped with a control board and a wireless IR remote control with extensive regulation capabilities. Fan coils of the Ume II series support 5 modes of operation, timer, sleep function and many others. When installing an optional network card, group control (up to 64 blocks) and connection to the dispatching system using the ModBus protocol become available.

Optional equipment
3-way valve
Actuators to valve
Wall mounted remote
Network card
Group control console
Gateway to connect to the dispatch system