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Kito (out of production)


Kito series duct type fan coils

Kitano duct type fan coil model line has been designed to meet the requirements of the European market of central air conditioning systems. The construction of the units is optimized to achieve the best operating parameters with the low power consumption. In the development of the series we took into account the peculiarities of installation to ease technical maintenance and servicing of the fan coil units at sites with different functional and architectural features. Ducted fan coil units are designed for concealed installation. The units can be mounted in the ceiling space above the suspended ceiling or in an adjacent room, which is located near the operating area. Air supply and intake from the conditioned space is performed via a system of air ducts. Duct type fan coils are intended for use in cooling water air conditioning systems. They provide complex air treatment in any types of rooms with the area up to 20 m2. The use of a high efficiency air heat exchanger provides high quality air treatment.

For the outer shell high-quality 0.7 mm galvanized steel is used. For mounts of the heat exchanger and the motor base 1mm thick steel is used, which ensures maximum rigidity and reliability of the design.

Heat exchanger:
Made of drawn copper tubes with seamless method, equipped with aluminium fins with the Blue Fin anticorrosive coating. Also, each heat exchanger undergoes a thorough final inspection to ensure maximum reliability.

High-quality brass collectors with special design reducing hydraulic resistance. Air vent is built-in at the factory and is included in standard configuration. Each collector is equipped with a protective bracket that protects the collector from accidental damage during installation.

Low noise centrifugal with forward curved blades. Operating wheel and fan motor are dynamically and statistically balanced in two planes.

Three-speed asynchronous motors with permanent separation capacity (PSC) are used. These motors have optimum efficiency and high power factor, which ensures energy saving. Also, this type of motor is the most reliable and easy to use.

High-quality galvanized steel with thickness of 0.7 mm is used.

Air Filter:
The standard filter is made of washable synthetic polypropylene with a frame made of galvanized steel and a steel mesh grille. Aluminium fine filters are available on request.

Drain pan:
Standard drain pan is made of high carbon steel without welding, which prevents corrosion, and is provided with 5 mm insulation. Trays with increased volume are also available on request.

Basic configuration:

  • Plenum with a filter;
  • Heat exchanger hydrophobic coating;
  • Terminal box for connection of control devices;
  • Three-speed fan;
  • Drain pan;
  • Left or right connection.


  • Compact thermostat;
  • Wall-mounted thermostat with LCD;
  • Set for the connection of a 2-way or a 3-way valve.
  • High-pressure version (60PA);