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Izumi series floor-ceiling fan coils

Effective climate control in the rooms with superior level of comfort, such as modern apartments, villas, hotels, restaurants, offices, due to the use of air-conditioning technology, providing high quality air treatment at minimal capital and operating costs. Floor-ceiling Kitano fan coil units have been designed in accordance with the latest world trends in the development of climate equipment and are intended for use in air conditioning systems of chilled water. They are characterized by excellent technical and operational characteristics. Low level of the hydraulic resistance of the air heat exchanger allows reducing air conditioning system energy consumption. The units can be mounted in a vertical position on a wall, close to the floor. The fan coil units can also be installed in a horizontal position on the ceiling. The units are mounted on the operating position with the mounting brackets. The ceiling fan coil units usually include housing with a decorative top cover panel. The air is supplied to the room through the decorative grill. The version without housing is available for concealed installation. In this case, the fan coil can be mounted in a vertical position behind false walls in the immediate vicinity of the air distributing grill. The fan coil units can also be installed in a horizontal position on the ceiling.  Air intake and supply in the conditioned space is performed through air grilles which are built into the wall or ceiling.

Made of high-quality galvanized steel, which provides resistance to corrosion and aggressive chemicals. From the inside the housing is covered with thermo-acoustic insulation and is provided with openings for hanging the unit on the wall/ceiling.

Front panel:
Equipped with an air discharge grille which is fixed with the latches and can be easily removed. You can change the air flow direction by simply rotating the grille at 180°. On each side of the front panel, there is a small cover to access the control panel. The panel is painted in greycolour (RAL7035).

Heat exchanger:
Using the latest technology, Kitano engineers have developed a more efficient design of the profile of the fins in conjunction with traditional reliability of seamless copper tubing. Thus, the heat transfer area increased, which increases the efficiency of the fan coil. Water heat exchanger in standard configuration is fitted with air and water release valves. All heat exchangers are tested at a pressure of 30 bars and designed for 15 bars pressure.

Fan section:
1 or 2 centrifugal fans with forward curved blades combined with the engine are installed. Operating wheel and fan motor are dynamically and statistically balanced in two planes. The fans are designed with increased diameter (to increase the air flow), but with reduced speed (to reduce noise). Three-speed asynchronous motors with permanent separation capacity (PSC) are used. These motors have optimum efficiency and high power factor, which ensures energy saving. Also, all the elements are equipped with overheating protection, and all the cables features double insulation, which ensures reliability. Fan section can be easily removed for easy maintenance.

All models are equipped with filters, consisting of a metal frame with the filtering surface inside. The filter is mounted on the front panel, easily removed and washed under running water.

Drain pan:
Standard drain pan is made of high carbon steel without welding, which prevents corrosion, and is provided with 5 mm heat insulation.

Microprocessor control:
In the expanded configuration FCU can be equipped with an electronic control board the main advantages of which are:

  • Ability to manage multiple installations using the Master-Slave principle;
  • Ability to communicate with supervisory systems;
  • The ability to switch operation modes: Cooling/Heating/Dehumidification/Ventilation/Auto;
  • Ability to use functions: Sleep mode/Automatic control of fan speed/Auto restart;
  • The ability to set a timer for auto-start or auto-stop the fan coil during the day;
  • Availability of protection for low and high temperature of water;
  • Adjustability of the 3-way valve;
  • Connection of an IR remote control;
  • Connection of a wired wall-mounted control;
  • Installation of a manual control panel inside the housing.

Basic configuration:

  • Terminal box for connection of control devices;
  • Three-speed low-noise fan;
  • Embedded drain pan;
  • Left or right connection;
  • Replaceable filter;
  • Air intake from the bottom.


  • Air intake from the front panel.
  • Compact thermostat;
  • Wall-mounted thermostat with LCD;
  • 4-pipe version;
  • Feet for floor installation;
  • Set for the connection of a 2-way or a 3-way valve;