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CCU Kyoto II

CCU Kyoto II


Kyoto II series condensing units are high-quality, energy-efficient Japanese equipment. It combines a wide range and affordability. KITANO compressor condensate blocks are used in cooling systems with central air conditioning or duct blocks. The Kyoto II series is connected to the evaporator section of direct cooling of any manufacturer and freely switch with all control systems.

High efficiency

  • Internal notched condenser tubes are designed to increase heat transfer area
  • Highly efficient scroll compressors (rotary for a 7 kW model) are compact and lightweight.
  • A direct drive fan motor requires a minimum of consumables.
  • Kyoto II is easy to install and reliable to operate.
  • The refrigeration system without water coolant eliminates breakage in the winter.
  • The lack of antifreeze in the system facilitates seasonal maintenance.
  • The protective coating of the capacitor battery extends the service life and reduces operating costs.
  • Kyoto II has an increased length of the route (up to 50 meters) and a height difference (up to 30 meters) between the indoor and outdoor units.

Uninterrupted and safe operation of the compressor-condenser units of the Kyoto II series provides multi-level protection with alarm indication. The control of the units can be carried out from the remote control of the central air-conditioning system.

Standard protection systems:
From phase failure;
Phase sequence control;
Low pressure protection;
High pressure protection;
Condenser overheat protection.

Strapping kit
Kyoto II condensing units can be completed with optional Alco Controls strapping elements: a thermostatic valve, a desiccant filter, a solenoid valve, a shut-off valve with a Schröder valve and a sight glass.