Comercial equipment / Chillers




Water-cooled chillers and heat pumps with scroll compressor R134a.
Cooling power 24-227 kW.
Osaka series chillers and heat pumps are universal units and can be used for cooling of water or antifreeze for air conditioning system, as well as for heating of water for heating or hot water systems. Featuring compact dimensions (e.g., a 150 kW heat pump has a width of only 80 cm and can easily pass a standard doorway) the Osaka series units may be successfully used both in private low-rise buildings and in commercial and industrial facilities: offices, shops, restaurants, store houses, manufacturing facilities. In the design of the plant only high quality modern accessories are used: adaptive sealed scroll compressors, U-shaped shell and tube heat exchangers, and all the necessary sensors and safety devices. The  "Carel" microprocessor controller has an intuitive interface and allows you to smoothly adjust the compressor capacity, achieving energy efficiency ratio EER = 5, which provide significant energy saving.
Osaka series heat pumps are ideal for use with geothermal heating systems and can use both running water, and water from the well.

Housing: The frame and trim are made of high carbon galvanized steel sheets, powder painted following by high temperature treatment, which provides corrosion-resistant finish.

Compressors: All the Osaka series units are equipped with 2 to 6 (depending on model) hermetic scroll compressors connected in parallel to provide smooth control and reliable operation of the unit. The compressors are equipped with the built-in protection against overheating of the motor winding.

Coolant: R134a

Evaporator: a shell and tube heat exchanger with a single refrigerant circuit is used. U-shaped arrangement of the tubes can substantially increase the heat exchange efficiency. All evaporators are provided with a drain valve and an air vent. Evaporators of this type are resistant to water hammer, have low requirements for purity of cooling water and are simple in the use and maintenance.

Condenser: A flooded type shell and tube heat exchanger is used. In this type of heat exchangers the cooling water flows inside the copper tubes and the refrigerant condensation occurs on the outside of the copper tube inside the metal casing. Condensers of this type have a higher efficacy compared to the standard shell and tube heat exchanger.

Refrigerant circuit: Each refrigerant circuit in Osaka series units in standard configuration contains the following items:

  • High-pressure sensor
  • Water temperature sensors at the inlet and outlet of the evaporator;
  • Safety valve in the high and low pressure zones;
  • Shut-off valve in the liquid line;
  • Filter-drier;
  • Solenoid valve in the liquid line;
  • Liquid     flow sight glass;
  • Thermostatic expansion valve;
  • 4-way cycle reverse valve;
  • Low pressure sensor.

Controller: The system is controlled by the "Carel" controller, equipped with an LCD display, programmable buttons and a speaker.  The control panel is located on the door of the electrical panel and has an intuitive interface. "Carel" controller allows you to not only adjust the general settings of the temperature but also control a number of additional features, such as:  defrosting system start, failures monitoring, event programming according to the timer, enabling or disabling of the remote control.