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Miyagi II Alpha

Miyagi II Alpha


Modular chillers and heat pumps with air-cooled condenser Miyagi II Alpha series allows you to get the necessary performance through a combination of autonomous units. Free combination of individual modules at the facility let you to achieve flexibility and reliability of the air conditioning system. Modular chillers should be installed outside in strictly designated areas. They are used in small and large industrial, commercial and public facilities.

Modular system
Miyagi II Alpha series includes 5 basic models. You can pick up the required performance up to 2 MW

Simplicity of installation and service
Compact size of modules is facilitates transportation and also reduces transportation costs. Launch of the system can be done in some stages.

Reliability and flexibility of the system
Мodular layout allows the system to continue its working without failed slave unit.
All chillers would be stopped, if the master unit was failed. One of the slave units can be designated master manually.
Also each chiller can continue operation with a failure of one of the compressors.

  • Tight control of all stages of assembly
  • Testing all of units before shipment from the factory
  • Anti-corrosion protection of the case
  • Moisture and dust protection of all components

High energy efficiency
The output power of the system is proportional to the current heat load of the building. Miyagi & Alpha has a low seasonal energy efficiency ratio. The energy efficiency of the modular system cannot depend on the current load. All other blocks will be disabled.Modular chiller system does not depend on the current load. In the off-season one chiller will run at half power and all other blocks will be disabled or continue to work in nominal mode.