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Floor ceiling

Nikko (out of production)


A wide range of performance rate of floor-ceiling type air conditioners with universal outdoor units.

Easy installation.



Nikko II

Nikko II

Equal and gentle air supply design and advanced air flow controlling design make the room temperature equal and balanced, so that people feel more comfortable.



Kitano floor-ceiling type units are available in two series with the performance from 3.7 to 17.5 kW.

Kitano floor-ceiling type air conditioners are excellent solution for rooms without suspended ceiling or rooms with complicated configuration. Indoor unit can be installed either on the floor or suspended under the ceiling. When unit is installed on the floor, air flow is directed up, and when unit is installed on the ceiling, air flow is directed horizontally along the ceiling. With so design unit can distribute cold air on all space of room and provide max comfort.

Kitano floor-ceiling type air conditioners can be installed in businesses, residences, garage conversions, guest quarters and offices.